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Hello, everyone!

Hi, Me, Feeroz Hasan, a freelancer from Lucknow (India) managing this blog.  Professionally, I am a Content Writer and spreading common awareness for content writers, who unfortunately face the loss of their precious energy. Professionally, content writers often face rejection or non-approval of their content. All the times, it doesn’t mean that your contents were not up to the mark or satisfaction level of your client.  There may be some other reasons for rejection.   In some instances, it may be that your contents were not touching the standard line. Rejection of your article is not only the rejections of words after all this is the rejection of your skill.  Normally, this loss is quite bigger for any content writer, but your professional goal is yet to be achieved.  Don’t get harassed from rejection (s).  It is obvious and normal activity in this field.  Re-write the same article after finding out its week points. Deeply proofread and again plunge into the field. Kindly remember, if you need your bicycle balanced, you should keep moving. Writers should make it as a habit if their contents are not approved by the clients.  Remember, every rejection doesn’t mean that you have poorly explained the subject.  Many often, clients may have assigned the same subject to other freelancers.  If they decided to select the others, obviously you will lose the chance.  It is possible that the client feels other writer’s article better than yours.  It doesn’t mean that you have provided bad contents. After all, payment goes to selected one only.  So don’t think over this issue.

If you are specifically pointed regarding the mistakes done, it must be looked into and rectified.  I want to aware content writers regarding kinds of writing used in this field.  You may be asked to write Blogs, Web Contents, Press Releases, News, Meta Tags, Classifieds, Social Media hitters, Pop up pickers and Generic Articles or Biographies etc.  Every kind of content has its specific tone to address people.  Every kind of content also has a limit to explain.  In many sites, a certain limit is fixed to accommodate the length of contents.  So, you need to keep in mind the desired word count.  Exceeding the limit may result either in rejection or shortening of the length of content.  Ultimately it will affect the payment you get.  It is quite possible that you are writing on per word basis.  If so, why a client will pay you for additional words than the desired?  Just write 10-20 additional words than the desired limit and don’t count the length of title in total word count.

Professionally written content is always concise, to the point and has simple words.  Go through the categories and know about tips to write each type of content.  Understand the importance and need of keywords.  Refine your writing skill, use of words, size of sentences and covering your topic in describing manner.  Get the tone of each kind of writing and master over it, make proofreading a habit before assigning your creation to some organization!  Welcome and best of luck !!!