First of all, breathe deeper and feel relaxed. Writing profession is so simple. There is no rocket science behind framing the contents around a chosen subject. You would have seen in practical life that different subjects flash in your mind very often. You also think to write down all of them but many hurdles quickly bounce in your way.  You can make a cross-question on my words, I am saying that writing is simple and simultaneously advocating about hurdles in this way too.  You are right.  These hurdles are too little before your determination. You just need to channelize your thoughts and express them in a meaningful way.  How to frame content around the selected subject is quite simple.  The goal is just at a hand from you. Imagine, you are thinking about the educational situation of your region. You want to make a write-up and get it publicized for information of others.  Just make a simple preparation and you will see the results. Follow these tips and get praised.

  • Gift yourself at least 30 minutes
  • Use chronological order
  • Project problem and solution in one go
  • Don’t forget a conclusion

Gift yourself at least 30 minutes

The very first tip is to think on the selected subject.  Make yourself free from routine worries and focus on the subject. Imagine yourself as a student and think about the difficulties as well as available facilities too.   Think about the penetration of education in remote areas.  Think, would the people of remote areas be able to grab the opportunities being provided by the official functionary?  If not, what should be the corrective measures to link them into main stream?  How the people and official efforts can be intermingled? Is there any change required in existing educational system to make it more effective?  After considering major challenges and solutions according to you, now make your mind to pen down the ideas. 

Use chronological order

Remember, projecting any problem in chronological order will put an impact on readers.  Similarly, this will strengthen your ability to unveil the problems too.  In the first paragraph, describe about the situation you want to expose.  Then start with the possible root causes of the problems.  With every sentence, you should not forget how to frame the contents around the selected subject.  Step by step put the ideas which you earned during the thought process.  Think which logic should be kept at first.  Arrange them in a systematic way and invest honest efforts to elaborate them too, wherever you feel necessary.

Project problem and solution in one go

It would be good practice to put a problem with its best possible solution. Your readers would like to know about the problems you tackled as well as its solution too.  Such kind of writing attracts more readers than the common writing. By doing this, you would gradually know how to frame the content around the selected subject.  

Don’t forget a conclusion

It is good to project problem and their solutions as per your way of thinking. Many often you may or may not be right.  Official functionary may have some different system of approach to handle the problems.  But still, you need to conclude your article in such a way that it speaks a concise idea of the entire write-up.

In nutshell, you want to publicize the problems you faced in your life but you feel a difficulty to write the same in the correct manner.  You have contents but don’t know how to give them a reading shape.  Just manage your thoughts and arrange them in good order.  Proofread the same and get it read from your friends.  After confirmation, your article as error-free, send it to the publisher and experience the bouncing traffic towards it. This is the simplest process on how to frame the contents around the selected subject.

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