Hi friends, writing an article for fun and writing an article that grabs the attention of others, are two different things. If you are writing just to satisfy your writing worm, it doesn’t need any specialization.  Just pick your pen and do write.  BUT if you want that your article should be readable outside your boundaries, you must arrange the contents logically.  People read your article; get inspired by the logic you put in.  They may or may not be agreeing with you, it’s a different subject.  But the way you presented your article, has much more importance. This is not a hard nut to be cracked. With little but focussed attention, you can get what you need. I am telling you to have a hawk eye on a few points and get read widely.  So, have looks on top 5 points that need attention before finalizing an article:-

  1. See the significance of subject –Choose the subject which is relating to the phenomenon. It may be that you are writing on any issue which has become too old. Look that the topic you selected, is burning or of current importance. Writing over period issues is different but writing over the recent topics should relate the time frame.  Simplifying, if you targeted any issue which has been raised and solved too, people won’t be attracted.  Always select those topics which have burning importance. This should be one of the top 5 points that need attention before finalizing an article.
  2. Check the idioms and phrases – It is possible that you have used many idioms and phrases in your article to direct your flow in a better manner. Often it happens that while writing is in progress, writers use the language with some running tone. But you should consider your sentences. It may be that the idiom used is not relating to the topic and creating an unnecessary hurdle in the writing flow. If you don’t find any suitable idiom or phrase, go ahead with simple words.
  3. Check the influences on your article, if any – Often it has been seen that people write with some political or religious influences. You should remember that writing with some influences will categorize you. This will also generate a kind of radicalization.  Better to write in such a way that your article looks like a review.  Always keep writing with neutral thoughts.  A writer doesn’t have concerns only with writing and earning.  You have a social responsibility too to find the facts and present them with pleasant manners. If you are feeling the inability to dig out any issue, or don’t have the courage to justify the issue with your logic, better to leave.  Avoiding any issue would add a boost to tackle another topic.
  4. Authenticity – You know better than the modern era is sitting in the lap of information technology. Within fractions of seconds, you may get counters of information which you provided through the article. So it would be better to provide a source of information you are discussing.  Using this pattern, people won’t point out your creation. Use of quotes, extracts, dates, and places should be authentic.  This will add a special touch to your article.  You must consider this point as one of the top 5 points that need attention before finalizing an article.
  5. Proofreading – This is the final stage of your writing. Not only beginners, but even experienced writers also make mistakes in their creations. This is human error and not a big blunder.  The better way to overcome this issue is to proofread the article.  Proofreading doesn’t mean as summarily reading the text.  From top to toe, you need to read it with the aspects of sentence construction, grammatical errors and use of appropriate words.  It is possible that you need to add or remove the entire sentence. If you can, get a printout and read every letter.  If not, zoom in and give attention to making it correct. Proofreading is the final point among top 5 points that need attention before finalizing an article.

ConclusionOne and only objective of this article is you should maintain the natural flow of your writing skill and sequence of logic.  It is a sign of a good writer that readers notice zero mistakes.  After checking and re-checking, submit your article for final publication and set the stage on fire.

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