This is a dream for everyone to get recognized on the bigger platform. Inspite of having talent, people often put self-created checks on them. Do you know what that check is? Yes, this is “Hesitation”. All your dreams, all your skills, all your potentials, all your desires, all your goals and all your efforts are wasted if you are failed to defeat “Hesitation”. Don’t have a sickness that what people say. This is the biggest barrier in anyone’s shining. I know you have feelings to express your emotions on paper but don’t have the correct way to interact with people. I will explain the Top 10 tips to get recognized with the best article. Know, writing is not a too tough nut to crack. Your simple and honest efforts can establish you as a good writer. Just go through the examples.

1. You read poetry and feel that the poet has expressed the same emotions as you have.
2. You heard any speech and thought; you would have expressed the same way.
3. You see a movie and get inspired by its story as well as by its screenplay.
4. You heard a song and find that the theme of the song is closer to you.

In all the above-mentioned examples you can find one thing in common. This is your understanding of the things. You can have the feel of poet, orator, film writer and singer as your own. It means you are lacking one thing only and it is quality of expression. You can overpower this simple difficulty by adding some tips to your deeds. Top 10 tips to get recognized with the best article are the way to get rid of from such difficulties. Have a look at tips:-

1. Decide on a topic
Before you start writing, seriously decide what idea you have to express. Best suggestion is that you should start writing on the subject, you know better. If you have summarily knowledge of a subject, you won’t be able to establish your thoughts logically. Once you decided on a topic, writing will be easier else you would be scratching the surface only and your efforts will waste. So, the first tip is to decide on a topic. Go ahead.

2. Do brainstorming
Now follow the second tip from Top 10 tips to get recognized with the best article. The second tip to write a good article is to do brainstorming. This may be a collective effort. Discuss the topic with your friends and also include their ideas. The shining part of brainstorming is that the idea is shared between many and you quickly start getting better input for the job. Never hesitate that people will catch your topic. Remember, knowledge is only the wealth which can’t be stolen. Feel free to discuss with your friend and refine your topic.

3. Review your rough work
Reviewing is one of the Top 10 tips to get recognized with the best article. Now you have got a good platform for take-off. At this point, you need to review your rough work. This will help you in reducing the mistakes at the next level. It may be that you have some unnecessary words or complete sentences. Fine tune your drafting, make necessary amendments. It is quite possible that you have noted down the ideas in a jumbled up way before you start final writing. Re-structure it before final pen down.

4. Pen down your ideas
Now you have various weapons in your hands. You have decided on a topic that suits your style and knowledge. You also have better and sufficient ideas to start your article. Put your logic in sequence and start writing. During writing, you should read and re-read the paragraphs you have written till the time and then proceed further. The better way to judge the mistakes of your article is to read it loudly. By this way, you will pick the grammatical and sentence constructional mistakes if any. Quickly re-frame or rearrange the things. While writing, you may get more ideas to put into. Arrange them logically in the right place.

5. Don’t rely on online spell check tools
One tip to make your writing closer to readers is to avoid using online spell check tools. I have experienced that maximum such tools don’t give the correct result. Even paid versions too have this problem. Many times your writing flow allows you to use a particular word but using the online spell check tools may not be declaring it as correct. Blindly relying on these tools may mar your writing and analytical potential. The suggestion is that you zoom in your page and read every word to ensure its correctness. If you are using synonyms, please ensure that the selected word is supporting your thought better.

6. Read as speaker
Once you have finished writing, read it as a speaker. Have in mind that you are reading it to pick any fault. By this way, you will be able to make the article more correct. There may be chances of typo and grammatical errors.

7. Editing and Proof Reading
Please remember, you are the first editor. Refine your writing and then take a printout to show it to your friend circle. I won’t suggest you send it through e-mail to your friends to check. Keep hard copy, get it read by others and make the amendments if any.

8. Backup
Don’t forget to keep a PDF copy for your records after final editing has been done.

9. Respect deadlines
If you have been assigned for any specific date, schedule your preparations and finish by the stipulated time. Writing at 11th hour will not serve any purpose and you may lose your client. Writing in hurry will result in the low-quality output and ultimately your chances to establish as a good writer will be wiped off. In professional writing field, time compliance is quite necessary. Remember, newspapers, magazines, journals, and online publications will publish at their time and if you don’t deliver the assignment at the stipulated deadline, other writers will be hired.

10. Invoicing
This is the last job of a professional writer. Provide quality content and then initiate invoice. Maintain professional touch in approaching your client with the rates as mutually decided at the time of contract.

Writing only for fun and writing professionally are two ways. By writing only for fun you can get satisfaction, but if you write in a professional way using some of the tips as stated above, your writing potential will also establish you like a breadwinner. After all, the vehicle of human survival needs monetary fuel. Follow strategies and create an audience through your writing potential. Keep writing!!

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