As a professional content writer, you have dual aims. One is managing your career reputation and another is earning your livelihood.  You shouldn’t lose your writing skills and simultaneously need to maintain the income-related aspects too.  Balancing these two aspects is a challenge for writers.  In this Tug of War, you should maintain a good combination of emotions as well as professionalism. Follow below mentioned 5 tips to shine in a better manner:-

  1. Deep knowledge of the topic 

    You must have deep knowledge about your topic.  It will assist you in defining many issues related with.  Without it, you will be scratching the surface only. Make better homework before you start writing. Summarily knowledge can divert you far from the main content.

  2. Grip over the audience 

    You should know that for whom you are writing.  Recognizing the age group and the taste of your audience, you will feel easiness in narrating your aim.  Remember that specifically written things hit most rather than throwing a general article. Imagine, your readers are waiting for your article and rushing 

  3. Uniqueness and reality in the narration 

    To be familiar in public, you should always come with genuine and unique ideas. Copied contents don’t create an impression.  If you are writing about a common subject, don’t worry; put a different tone to address the audience and make your writing unique. Ensure that your article is fit according to the norms of various search engines.  By doing this, you can make the wider spread of your article. Ensure uniqueness in every article.

  4. Good Framing of the aspects

    Arrange the aspects in chronological order. Jumbling up of the contents would only confuse the readers.  This will also not serve the purpose of your writing. Ensure that the sentences and paragraphs are not too long.  Remember, if a reader needs to break long sentences to get its meaning, it means your writing efforts are failed.

  5. Placement of appropriate keywords

    While writing with full dedication and concerted efforts, you should not forget the placements of keywords. Remember the keywords should be in bold form.  Bold keywords are easy to catch by the readers and also to recognize by search engines. Keywords will support to divert valuable web traffic. If you are confused for proper keywords or not able to generate the best suitable one, get the help of SEO professionals. This point is one of the most important writing points.  After all, you aim is to manage your livelihood too.


You should understand that in modern online business, content writers have the biggest importance.  If you mastered the art of writing, you will experience that even for a smaller tweet or one line add content, companies will contact you.  You should do exercise on various forms of writing before approaching any company.  Master the art of blog, web content, press release and generic article writing and get paid.  Remember, you can mold the companies on your conditions if your contents are sharp, appealing and to the point.

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