A content writer may have to work on different fronts. Irrespective of your specialization, you often need to depute yourself in some of the less known fields. Your area of specialization may restrict you to create better contents, but this is the experience that makes you master of writing. Writing and catchy writing are two different aspects. If you are writing something professionally, it doesn’t mean that you should depend only on the facts available. You should have the capacity to interact with your readers through your words and style of approach.

Now you should think that only writing on burning issues is not the ultimate of a writer. She/he should be able to penetrate the feeling core of the readers. A writer should write in such a way that looks like direct interaction with readers. Even if you are creating some contents for promoting any brand, your way should be easy and catchy. If you write in an interactive way, you can simply avoid the pre-set professional rules that most content writers follow. Normally, it would be difficult for you to find out a better starting point while proceeding for interactive writing. But when you start your writing in the desired way, you suddenly get the point. Have a start and you will find the points to describe.

Remember that your mindset at the time of writing is very helpful and firing object. By saying facts in the simplest way, you can become an interactive writer. I am suggesting 5 tips to make your narration interactive:-

1. Narrate with the visual feel

Descriptive writing should be your primary tool. Your description should enable people to read and imagine the happenings at the same time. Structure of your narration should be systematic and based on a certain order. You should keep in mind that you are just not translating the facts. Make a grip on the psychology of readers. Start with the visual narration that makes readers feeling the subject too.

2. Use infographics at required places only

Though infographics are the better way of presenting the facts and figures, these are not only the way to convey your feels. Put words to cover the infographics. Graphs and images can convey more than narrations but these are not an ultimate tool for interactive writing. Manage a combination of both the tools. Imagine the subject, its depth and use infographics on required places. Keep the ratio of words and diagrams as 80:20.

3. Size Of Content
In the fast-moving scenario of the day, no one has time to read lengthy contents even having interesting information too. People want to get more with less effort. Keep your content average sized. It should be in between 500 – 700 words based on the depth of the subject being covered. If you narrated any subject in big length and presented it in the form of an e-book, people will just download, read summarily and delete it. What you gained? Was it’s interaction? It was only wastage of your efforts and ignorance of skill. So, please keep your narration in a good size.

4. Sentence Construction
The framing of sentences should be unique. Keep your sentences smaller at the starting of your article. Averagely sized sentences in the middle portion of the narration and again smaller sentences in conclusion. Break the sentences through comma and usages of the sign of exclamation. Try to generate the places for such symbols. It will make your writing interactive.

5. Sharp Conclusion
Your conclusion should be a well-defined summary of your article. It should also have the solutions if there are some problems taken up in the article. People should feel your intelligence that if you are posing some problems, you have the way to get rid of too. At the finishing, a call to action must be there. The reader should be left with some questions to do homework and make your article practical in routine life.

I am confident that by following the above-mentioned tips, you can make a better place in your reader’s community. The success of any writer is measured when readers wait for next fiery article from the same author. Purpose of this article is not to make you restricted with above-said points. You can add your brilliance to make it more interactive.

Keep your readers engaged with good skills!!!!

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