Catchy writing is an art to grab the attention of readers.  Before you read more on the issue, understand that facts are not separately or specially gathered to write a catchy article.  This is an art to present the available facts in a different tone.  We all know that qualifying any examination is based on hard work. Our parents, teachers, and friends always suggest the same too.  But the same thing, you get in a different tone from the words of a motivational speaker.  She/he arranges the words in a different way, adds some proverbs, phrases and throws it on viewers/readers.  It means, there is only the difference in tone.  Similarly, you write essays, long answers to the questions, descriptive paragraphs in different tones.  But when you sit to pen down an article, you think to add some style that can make the reader forced to continue until the last word. You can write easily that two policemen rescued a baby from a multi-storied building.  But in the catchy form, you can start the same lines like “Bravo! The heroic action of police saved a precious life”.  In both the lines, people will prefer to read the second one as it has something Call to Action.  Now think, have you paid people to read your article or offered any gift in turn? No, these are just your words and narration style that can grab the attention of people.

Now, jump to the tips that can convert your writing into creation.

  • Better Research
  • Decide a tone
  • Interactive Start
  • Use of phrases
  • Language
  • Sentence Formation
  • Punctuation
  • Feel of Thank You
  • Striking with the subject 

 Better research – You must have a deeper knowledge of the subject, you are going to write.  In absence of facts, you won’t be able to shape the plot.  More facts are the guarantee of higher numbers of viewers/readers. Before finally write an article, collect the fact, relevance, trending and the mood of your target audience. After adhering to on the above-said issues, start arranging the facts in the order as per the demand of subject.  It is necessary to check the authenticity as there may be some fallacious facts dumped on the web and you just collect them to use in your article. Without authentic facts, your efforts may be lost and you will find yourself scratching the surface only.

Decide tone – If you are writing anything for youths, you may use the modern tone and some crispy words to attract the audience.  But ensure that your writing is not entering or even touching to any restricted boundary. If your writing is focused on any special community, have the relevant tone so that you can get wider penetration of your writing. If writing “Blogs, ensure that “I” tone is used as people expect from a blogger to write own experiences. If writing “Web contents”, use the “We” tone that shows you are representing a group that cares about people.  Ensure, you are explaining in an interactive manner.  This style attracts more people.  Your readers/viewers will feel an unseen connectivity with you.

Interactive start– You should remember that the initial few sentences of your article must have the words, which can put a grip on the readers.  Start your writing, as you are physically addressing your readers.  This style can stand out you from the rush.  Ensure that you have used the style which is able to keep the reader stuck with the subject.

Use of phrases- Phrases tells a big story in a few words.  Using phrases on appropriate interval will be the better options to write catchy. Ensure that neither heavy use nor very little usages of phrases are done in an article.  Access to phrases will make readers bore.

Language- You should remember that people love to read the content that easily touches their minds.  Very hard, the literal and hyperbolic language should be avoided. Easy language will enhance the number of readers.  You can express your thoughts in a better manner if using simple language.

Sentence formation– This is one of the most important tips of catchy writing.  Neither short nor long sentences should be used.  Most of the times, you feel unable to express your thoughts through short sentences.  Long sentences will force the reader to read again to get the point.  This may divert the attention of the reader.  Ensure your article has the sentences of medium length.

Punctuation – Most writers make a loop here. They use continuous sentences. The reader needs to read as well as grab the meanings in one go only. For this, you need to give necessary breaks on appropriate places.  Use of comma, a sign of exclamation (if required) should be there so that reader gets the same way, you want to convey.  This is you, who supposed to provide breakers at the points. If your reader points out a punctuation mistake, definitely she/he will switch to some other available article.  Please don’t force the reader to correct the sentences for getting the meaning you want to convey.

Feel of Thank You – In your article, a tone of thanking the audience must be. Your readers should know that you are showing a courtesy towards them.  Afterall spending precious time to read your article is also a devotion.  You directly get benefited when somebody reads your article.  Your readers get benefited at the later stage, you can say at the belated stage.  So it is your duty to oblige readers for spending the time to write your article.  A simple “thank you” can earn a bigger reputation of yours.

Sticking with the subject– You should keep in mind every time that your grip is not losing over the subject.  In case you are describing the subject with the help of some examples, please ensure that the core subject is not isolated.  If readers feel that the main theme is missing from the description, they start ignoring your article.  Thus your efforts won’t be fruitful.  So, it is better to maintain the flow of words along with the grip over the main subject. This is my experience that people switch when they feel the theme is missing.

There are more tips but the above-mentioned tips are sufficient to give you a good start in catchy writing.



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