Even if you have a deeper experience in writing, you still need to admit that simple and emotional writing is quite different than SEO writing.  If you are writing with SEO aspects keeping in mind, it means you are doing something different than your usual writing work. Though there is not a huge difference between these two but you need to know the basic ones.

Whatever you write for print media, is written with the help of facts and prevailing events.  But writing for the web is based on certain keywords, which can be easily optimized by search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are writing for the web and don’t understand the use of keywords, it means you are scratching the surface only. In simplest words, SEO writing needs to stuff some trending keywords which can be easily optimized by various search engines. Now you can ask the next question, what is “trending” keywords? Simply, in recent past, “algorithms” of search engines got some changes and accordingly, the quality of writing pattern is also changed.  Earlier, you had one responsibility only, pick the keywords, frame in a sentence and put it in the article. You were not asked whether the sentence, you framed, is pointing towards any answer or not. But the scene has shifted to a different frame and the film moved to next clipping. Now only game changer writers have the caliber to support the need of keyword stuffing with a meaningful approach. Only those writers, who are creative, good grip over the language and understanding of keyword stuffing, can easily survive in the writing field.   Search engines will deny optimizing such articles which are just written and don’t fulfill the desired criteria.

Let’s suppose, you are writing on pollution and you have a keyword “reasons behind pollution”. Now you can’t write blindly by using the keyword in every third or fourth sentence. Your article will be meaningful and the approaches you made, in different sentences, should cover the soul and purpose of the keyword.  Only the use of keywords is not sufficient.  Your writing must make senses and co-relate with the subject. A reader sitting on another end, will summarily reject your article if found it off the pitch. So, what tips you need to maintain grip over your article, as well as keep it SEO friendly.  Have a look at below-mentioned points:-

  1. Keep strict check over the length of your article. Shorter articles are not track-able by various search engines. Apart, they also don’t cover the depth of the subject.  Lengthy articles also don’t catch the attention of the reader, as she/he diverts to some other article to save the time.  So, your first tip should be keeping the ideal size of the article.  Try to cover the subject within 600 words.
  2. You should be serious about the usages of keywords. These are the keys to help in locating your URL. Search engine listing is most important otherwise; your writing efforts will go in vain.  Ensure usages of keywords and frame them in a meaningful way.
  3. Your keywords must be categorized according to the modern trend. Keep emphasizing on using primary keywords so that at first instance, you search engine listing can be ensured.  If you have secondary keywords to be incorporated, it is better.  Smart content writers can use even three or four different keywords in a single article with intelligence.  Keep using the keywords intelligently.
  4. Manage the density of keywords. Over-stuffing is just like overeating. By default, you need to make your keywords bold.  But if every 2nd sentence will have a bold line, definitely it will irritate the reader.  So, wisely manage this aspect.
  5. To avoid spam from a search engine, you also need to keep a strict check over pattern of usages of keywords. Simply, the keywords should be spread all over the article in such a manner that does not make a feeling of boredom.  If your article is divided into 4 paragraphs, every paragraph should have one keyword. It is not good to use keywords in starting and end line of the article.
  6. Your article must be framed in better formatting. It must have a simple and clear introduction to the subject.  Readers must know that what you want to explain. Details of the targeted subject should be covered in the main body and it has a better conclusion. Remember, roughly spread ideas make no sense. You should frame them nicely.
  7. Use of sub-headings is good.  You can easily justify the complicity of the subject in various subheads.  Apart, using of subheads will also give you a specific space to explain your thoughts. Keep in mind that people need a well-structured article.  Readers prefer bulleted, pointed or sub-headed article rather than a simple explanation in paragraphs. Remember to give highlights on main aspects. In absence of sub-heads, people would like to divert to other available option.
  8. Keep a serious attention on the language of your article. You should understand that readers need a simple and meaningful article rather than tough literary terms which straightway jumps over the heads. Maintain a good flow of easy and understandable language throughout your article.  You should consider that tough subjects can also be explained in simple words.
  9. Use of grammar should be better. The framing of sentences must be meaningful.  It is necessary that your sentences are not creating any difficulty in grasping the subject. Grammatical errors show the shallow knowledge of the writer.  Simply, if your words and sentences are not correct, how can you address people to influence them?
  10. Ensure creativity from very starting of your article. Remember, if your article would have interesting style in the beginning, it will catch reader’s attention and keep binding till last. No one has time to find the interesting tone either in the middle or at the ending portion of your article.  Keep the creativity, “catchy tone” and “to the point” narration from the very first sentence of your article.  Close your article with a good conclusion.

If you follow above-mentioned points, your article would be optimized by search engines.  Though I have explained to write a maximum 600 words article and I am writing more than 1000 words, but this is just to explain you.  SEO writings need correct punctuation for easy optimization.  Maintain the tips and see your profession is rising day by day.

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