Understand the necessity and importance of keywords in article!!

Before you read this blog, it is my duty to make you familiarize with certain terms used in content writing.  These terms are quite professional and should be followed with 100% dedication.   My main intention to elaborate this issue is only related to the professional soundness of freelancers.  Once you overcome these few conditions, it means you can build your financial profile in the freelancing field.

Normally content writing in India is speedily increasing profession.  The individual, who is good with writing skills and arranging thoughts in a systematic way, can perform better in the content writing field.  Though the rates for Indian content writers are quite different than other countries still you can earn better money if you follow some of the tips and know about the terms used in this profession. These few terms are as under:- 

  • Keywords
  • Design of keywords
  • Keyword density
  • Deadline

Now, I will describe each of the above-mentioned terms for your easy understanding.  These terms are as important to be followed as you dressed up for facing an interview.  So pay a little attention towards succeeding subparagraphs and refine your writing skills.

 Keywords:  Let me explain that what a keyword is.  The keyword is the word around which an article revolves. In simple words, you can say that Keyword is the central idea or the input of a search bar.  These words are focused on the trending subjects.  Whatever is being watched, heard or written in the society is based on certain subjects.  The keyword is the single or group of the words, which normally used by the internet user to search any subject.  The user puts their query in the search bar of browsers and hit enter.  Search engine optimizes the relevant results and displays the same on screen.  These words may be related to any subject but generally trending words are used as keywords.

Example: If you are writing on travels, keywords may be like Best touring companies in India, India’s Best Touring Companies, Find out best travel agency online or so on.  Likewise, you may get keywords on other subjects too.

Design of keywords:     Many often you may be given some keywords by your clients in the form of a web link. Don’t remove hyperlink from these keywords or vice-versa.  These keywords may be misspelled at many times.  You may get these keywords without punctuation rules.  In other words, you may receive a keyword which is in jumbled punctuation. For example, you may get Most Trending Businesses in different manners. 

  • Mosttrending Businesses
  • mostTrending businesses
  • MostTrendingBusinesses
  • Most trending businesses

Reason for such keywords is very simple.  A user may enter a query in the search bar in different punctuation but needs result in a proper manner.  You should use keywords as given by the clients.  To make your article SEO friendly, it is quite necessary to use keywords in their original condition.  If you know that spelling of keyword is not correct, don’t attempt to make it correct, use the same in “as it is” condition.

Keyword density:  This term is used in content writing to emphasize the subject.  The density of keywords means the use of the same at a certain number of times.  Normally, clients order with the assignment of the task that what density of keywords they need in their articles. You need to maintain the specific percentage of keywords.

Example: In case you are writing an article of 500 words with two keywords and a density of 2%.  Literally, it means you should use keywords at 10 times in your article. But practically, the word percentage is used by the clients in terms of “times” or “Frequency”.  2% means you should use the keyword maximum 3 to 4 times in the 500-word content. Though this density is much more but still, you should follow the client’s instruction.  After all, your main aim is to establish yourself financially too.

Deadline: This is the date on which you are required to submit your articles to the client. Practically, it is seen that many freelancers are associated with some work providers, who in turn are linked with clients. Original deadline is decided by the clients and sub-content writers allow the same task to freelancers with some early dates. You should write your articles, proofread it, format the same according to the requirement of client and submit on or before the due date.  Many times it has been seen that different clients need different formatting.  Some of them need the main heading in bigger font size and the main body in another font size.  Size of subheads and titles may be different according to the client.

Anyways, you should arrange all formalities well in time and send the same on the required date.  This will help to maintain your reputation in this profession.  Late submission may result in financial deductions.

This is my personal opinion that every freelancer should respect the deadline. Okay, I will meet in my next blog with more points to be observed in content writing.  Till then, keep investing your writing skills.



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