The press release is just a simple announcement that you are going to do something.   This document straightway goes to media houses for publication either in a newspaper or in digital media.  This document is formulated under a certain format and carries main contents of your “would be” activities.  A press release is a well-written document that contains a brief of the forthcoming events.  You come to know that what is being done and by whom.  Location of the activity, purpose and time of the activity are also described clearly.  You can also say this document as media release – video release, press news or press note etc.

Now, a simple question arises here, that why you prepare a press release.  There are certain reasons behind press release:-

Basic changes in your company- At many times, you need to restructure your business house.  It may be that you are relocating to some other destination. You may be expanding your business or having a merger with some other business house.  Financial restructuring may also take place.  To make these events public, you need a press release.  So that people concerned or affected by your business, can update them and act accordingly.

Introduction of any new product- It is obvious that you are going to introduce any new product or service in the existing spectrum.  Such new arrivals need a public announcement and you describe it through a press note.

Recruitment related news- Many often, you need to hire new employees and obviously such news is required to be shared with the public through a press release.

Ongoing activities- It may be that you are planning some new activities that need public attention on your creativity.

Reward and recognition- Many often, employees or your business house itself gets award from other organization.  You recognize someone or get recognized.  These events may also need to be publicized through a press release.

The outcome of research work- It is possible that you want to publicize the results of any research being done.  The press release is only the medium for such announcements.

The above mentioned are the most possible reasons for a press release.  Now you should come to know about the correct format of this document.

What should be the format and contents order in your press release?

Without any formal description, you must understand that 5 ‘Ws” are the prime requirement of your press release.  These are as under:-

  1. What
  2. Who
  3. Why
  4. When
  5. Where

Apart from the above said 5 “Ws”, you can also add “How” in your press release.  These are thumb rules which will make your document perfect.

Now move towards format. 

  1. Start with the top left corner of the page. Write “Press Release” in bold letters.  Add 2 spaces and write your name, contact number, your e-mail address and web address, if any.
  2. Add one space and write “For Immediate Release”.
  3. Add 2 spaces and write the name of the place (from where you are releasing the document) followed by the date of release.(Example – XYZ city – (dd/mm/yyyy)
  4. Add 2 spaces and write the subject in brief. (This subject should be very concise and explaining the objective of the document). Your title should explain the major nature of the release. For example, Inauguration of new office premises is on……..” “Mr/Ms.xxxxxx got new designation or joining the business house as……” or as the case may be.
  5. Add 2 spaces and start writing. This should be kept in mind that you are using all 5 Ws in this paragraph.  Explain that what is being done.  You need to keep the most important aspect of the first line.  Now allows the second most important information, then third one and likewise.  Remember that all 5 Ws are covered.  The major benefit of categorizing the information is simple. If the news editor wants to delete some unwanted lines, your major contents are not disturbed. Explain who is doing, why it is being done, when the activity will be performed and lastly add a venue.  Before closing, if you feel that “How” is necessary to be added, do or leave it.
  6. On the below-left side of the page, please mention the date on which you need to be published. If this is immediate release, no need to mention. Else, you should mention “Embargoed until (the date and time should be mentioned).
  7. In many of the PRs, it is seen that people use subheadings too. But this is based on the needs.
  8. Write your press release in bulleted style until it is not required in paragraph style only.
  9. Add 1.5 spaces between the paragraphs. It may be up to double space too.  Add signature block at the right side (below the note “ For detailed……………” (As shown in format).
  10. At the last, you can add – Note- For a detailed description, visit official website www……  This is optional and conditions specific too.
  11. At last, make an underline and below this line, write –End of the release

After proofreading your press release, e-mail it to concern.  You can also use WhatsApp too.  Ensure you send the press release in media in PDF version.  Many editors also ask doc version for making necessary amendments with your consent.  This is mutually agreed between the sender and press authorities.  Remember, concisely written press note or press release is the better tool to advertise your content to the common public.  To gain tons of publicity, ensure your press-release is containing all required information and specific formatting.



2 Spaces 

Press Release
2 Spaces

Your Name, Contact Details (Avoid this step if such things are included in logo)
2 Spaces

(For Immediate Release) (If you need any specific time, please don’t write this line)
Name of the place and date of release
2 Spaces

Title of the press release
2 Spaces


3 spaces (after content is finished)
If any specified time of release needed, write “Embargoed until (please mention time here)

2 Spaces 

Note : For detailed description, please visit official website


(Signature block)

­-End of the release-


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