In my last blog, I finished with the promise to have a word with you that why your articles get rejected.  What are the ways to avoid rejections of your efforts?  Simply, when a person is making effort with his/her brain and pen, there are chances of making many mistakes. This is natural too.  These mistakes may be either of grammar, language flow, logic arrangements, explanation of thoughts any many more.  Remember that if your article reaches till readers with silly mistakes, it creates a confusion regarding the originality of your writing.

I am discussing the scenario, in which your article is not thoroughly checked at client’s end and published.  This situation is troublesome for readers as well as for the concerned client too.  Your mistakes may create the bad reputation point for you both. If your articles are rejected, your client will set aside your profile and assign the job to other content writers.
Now understand that the possible reasons for rejection and their solution.

Reason 1: Grammatical errors

Grammar is the weapon that makes your content readable in the proper manner.  If your thoughts are arranged in a logical way, you used the vocabulary of the better standard, the terminology of your content is good but you have made some of the mistakes in using grammar, definitely, you will face losses.  Such mistake will mar all your efforts and your article will be disliked.  Correct usage of grammar shows that you have better knowledge of English and able to grab the attention of your reader on a given subject.  Grammatical errors show that you have made your efforts casually.

It is advisable to use active voice in the framing of sentences.  Often, it has been experienced that freelancers make errors while narrating in the passive voice. Keep in mind that your sentences are clear.  They are not too long or too short and able to transfer the meaning to readers.  Please ensure that your words are transferring the same meaning to readers as you want. Punctuation should be used at correct places.

Reason 2: Casual research work

Many often, it has been seen that content writers do their work with their experience only and not with the latest research on the subject.  If you are given with the subject on “Localities with Amenities” and expected to reveal some of the information that helps readers, but you have not researched properly and submitted your article.  It means, readers will move to some other article and won’t take interest in your writing.  In case you revealed some details in your article but ignored that something has happened recently on the subject, your article won’t generate traffic.  Nobody wants to waste time on the content which is providing false information.

Always take every subject as purely unknown to you.  This will inspire you to make some researchers.  It is better to write updates on any subject. Your readers will consider that you are providing the latest information to them and in turn, your article will get more attention.  Even if you are having deep knowledge of the subject but always think that you got the subject for the very first time and give updated information.

Reason 3: Use of web tools for content creation

This is one of the reasons for rejection of your articles.  It has been seen that to make money, writers use some web tools like spinning tools, translation tools and some other tools to create an article without any serious effort.  By doing this, they save their time and make more articles but ultimately this leads to rejection of contents.  Remember that spinning tool merges the contents in such a way that totally make it meaningless.  Translation tools just provide transliteration and not the correct grammatical flow.

You must write your own thoughts.  Of course, you can research from the web, take help from the contents already available on the subject but every sentence should be your own.  Remember that tools cannot replace your skills. The way you explain yourself is not possible by machines.

As the conclusion, I can say that following above-mentioned tips; you can save your articles from rejection and cement your seat in this field.  Proofreading is one of the most important aspects of final submission of your article. There may be mistakes, it is natural but proofreading is like looking mirror that gives you a chance to add some beauty points on your face.

I will elaborate some more points of article rejection and their solutions. Till then, keep writing.

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