Hi Friends, In my previous blogs, I was discussing the points to be noted while writing contents for the web.  You should know that writing for any offline publication and website is different in many manners. If you are writing for any magazine, you don’t need to hyperlink any keyword.  At the same time, you are also not asked to make your keywords bold. But if you are writing for the web, you need to ensure that your writing style if slightly differing.  There is a reason behind it.

Web writing is based on some keywords. To simplify the term for your easy understanding, every article available on the web is based on optimization.  This optimization is in turn based on certain Keywords, which are used as input by users.  Keywords send a diet to the search engine that what material is desired by the user.  Search engine optimizes the result and displays the same on a computer screen.  This is crystal clear that searches may be different and so your writing must be around keywords.  Know about few more tools of content writing:-

  • Use of heading and sub-headings
  • Need to hyperlink the keywords or inserting links
  • Making keywords bold
  • Word count

Now know about use and importance of headings/subheadings

Suppose, you are writing on the measures to stop corruption.  In this case, you need to arrange your thoughts in logical and systematic order.  You should arrange your logic in a different phase to make your content clear to the target audience.  In this manner, you need to divide your thoughts into various paragraphs and every paragraph needs to be supported by a specific heading.  So that your audience can understand that you are explaining a specific logic under a heading or sub-heading.  Using heading and sub-heading also puts your impression on the reader that you have the skill to manage a subject in easy form.  Always keep in mind that the thoughts you are explaining, are already known to readers but they need elaboration of logic in a different manner.

If you are not using headings and sub-heading in your article, your readers will feel it boring to read out complete page.  Every reader needs some pause in the form of logical breakdown.  Many often people like to find the relevant logic from an article and in this way, use of headings and sub-headings can be more helpful.  Your contents will be liked more if you are using headings and sub-headings. Every heading and subheading should be placed suitably.  Remember that your entire paragraph should be summarized from the heading or sub-heading.  Don’t put more headings in one article otherwise, readers may overlook some important aspects.

Why insert the links

You know better that the websites have different pages with a specific subject.  If you hyperlink a keyword with a link, it will look different in your article. By clicking on it, the reader will be redirected to a separate web page where relevant information will be available.  In nutshell, you can say that hyperlinking is a way to introduce readers to multiple web pages.

Making keywords bold

This is quite simple to explain that why a keyword is written in bold form.  The keyword is the main word that used as input and carries entire article along with it.  If you write a keyword in a simple way, your readers may overlook the same but writing keywords in bold form will attract their attention and they can search it on another website to find exactly relevant data.

Word Count

Word count is a condition or parameter that is given by the client to a content writer.  This point is directly related to your writing brilliance.  You should start, explain and conclude your contents within the word count.  Here my intention of using the word “within” is quite simple.  Suppose, if you are given the limitations of content as 300, 400, 450 or 500 words, you should write maximum 525 or 530 words.  In case, you are able to manage the explanation of your subject within the word count, just exceed 10 words only. You will be paid for the targeted words only.  You can save your efforts for other articles. Always count your words excluding the words used in Title.  Many times, clients pay you per word basis but you should understand that additional words written more than the target words will not be paid.  Many clients deduct “the”, “are”, “a”, “to” etc so you should write few more words so that your efforts are not wasted.

Okay, in my next blog I will discuss with you why your contents are rejected.  Know the simple reasons behind it, rectify the same and make your ways easy.   Till then, goodbye and keep writing!!

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