Before you proceed further to read the complete article, it is my duty to make you aware regarding aim and intention to write any web content.  Though, this is also one of the forms of article writing but has some different approach to readers.  Web Content carries a different tone that speaks a language of the concerned business owner.  Now, making the subject clearer that web content is focused to advertise any particular product or service.

Simply, business owner publishes contents on their website to attract the attention of customers.  Hope this description has made you clear that language of this kind of article should be different.  Yes, this is all about you are selling something and calling people to act upon.  Naturally, this kind of content will have a tone to announce plus points for own products or service.

Web Content has the tone of “We”.  Web content is the tongue of the enterprise concerned. In simpler form, you can say that promotional tone is adapted to write web content.  If you see the undermentioned in an article:-

  • “We are selling”
  • “We are buying”
  • “We offer”
  • “Our products…”
  • “Our platform…..”
  • “Our team….” and so on, it is a web content. Such content doesn’t look like you are reading something; it’s like hearing the call of the business owner.  Web content is the direct promotion of own products or services.

Now you need to customize this content.  The words should not be hyperbolic and keywords should also not be stuffed badly.  Remember, only stuffing the keywords in every second line, shows that you only intended for your promotion.  You must have a description of your products or services to generate the attention of readers.

Now, see the view of your client, if you are a freelancer.  Your client needs a content that is able to convert a reader into the customer.  This is your brilliance to write the Web Content in a catchy way.  Starting of the content should not be with the direct promotion.  Make four segments of your content and describe in simple language.  Remember, using lucrative words only is not the guarantee of generating web traffic.  The four portions of your content should be as under:-

  • Introductory: In this part, you should explain who you are and providing what. Explain that since when you are involved in this field.  Explain that your expertise is different than others and your products or services have passed through a tough quality check.
  • Why you: Remember, many other companies may be involved in the same kind of business which you have. So elaborate, why people should deal with you?  In few words, also explain the specialties of your product.  Your product or services may have any additional feature than the contemporaries.  Explain it.
  • How to get: In this phase, list out the ways, through which people can access your products. Explain the ways of payment like credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, PayPal/American Express accounts etc. Also, explain that your payment gateways are highly secured.  It will make assurance in buyers.
  • Common description and call to action: Explain that you will be notified of each step. In the last phase of your content, describe that readers have very limited options to deal and you are the best.  Though this has been mentioned above but again need in closing paragraph too.

Manage the words in the easy and readable flow.  The key point, imagine yourself as a business owner when writing.  This will help you to put the right things in right place.  Though, as per your writing skill, you can add a different style but the tone, as explained above, should be maintained throughout the content!!!!

Good luck and keep writing!!

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