Take 11 steps, put colors and see your article has earned tons of reviews!!

You have heard about someone writes an article within 20 minutes, but this is not a good practice to explore your skills.  If you are writing something, it means you are explaining the subject in details.  Any shortcuts or auto writing tools are not the best representation of your thoughts.  If you are using any such tool, you will only present a transliteration.  You can’t pour feel through the words.  Before making any such attempts, think and re-think that you are not writing for making your word count quicker.  You are writing for your reader who stays on the page till the last word of your post. If your posts are changing the track frequently and bypassing the main objective, the reader won’t like to go through.

Your main intention to write an article is to inform readers on that subject.  You should have a sharp focus to make your article readable.  Put in your caliber to pull the readers till your final sentences. Kindly don’t pin just on completing the word count as desired by your client.  Remember, a subject can be explained in limited and comprehensive manners, both.  If you leave few subjects, you can write an article in concise manners too.  I have seen many people who started with flashing speed and failed in just a few attempts. Reason? Simple, they overlooked the preparedness.

Now, you need to make a structure before you get a takeoff.  Only opening a word page or diary with the intention to start writing is not the solution.  You should not say it as a dynamic start.  Afterall, you have some responsibility to educate readers about a specific subject.  So have preparations as mentioned in succeeding subparagraphs to make your article readable:-

  • Plot an idea
  • Nurture your thoughts
  • Make a habit to edit before every start
  • Keep your article bulleted
  • Keep your article concise
  • Write in various sittings
  • Manage the length of your content
  • Target audience
  • Trust only reliable sources for research
  • Keeps plagiarism checked
  • Final proofreading

Plot an idea
You can’t say that only at the specific time, you get new ideas.  Flashing ideas can generate in your mind anytime.   It is better to keep a crib book to note down the main keywords of your ideas.  Though, it is not possible to write down your thoughts, as flashed in your mind.  Keywords will help you in plotting the matter when you sit to write professionally.  This habit will shorten your writing time just to half.  If you make a list of ideas, you can later bind them with a series of thoughts.

Nurture your thoughts
This is the time to develop your ideas.  Keep yourself cut from various kinds of stress.  Just concentrate on the ideas and think to develop them.  Club all the supporting thoughts with your ideas and see a rough shape of your article is emerging.

Make a habit to edit before every start
Obviously, you can’t finish an article in one go. You need many settings.  Make a habit to edit whatever written in the previous sitting.  This will make you go through with previous contents and also link up you with ideas.

Keep your article bulleted
In the rushing scenario; no one has time to go through a detailed paragraphed description.  It is better to add bullets before main points of your article.  The reader will understand that what is inside for him/her.  You should also use eye-catching subheads like “Top reasons…..” or “Why to…..”.  People like to consider over precisely and nicely written contents.  Formatting is one of the important tools.  Instead of going through the paragraph, people prefer to read the lists.

Keep your article concise
Sufficient description should only be put in.  Why engage a reader on the contents that have been explained in previous sentences.  In nutshell, you should convey your ideas in limited words. 

Write in various sittings
If you think that you have exhausted, immediately quit your table.  Writing is not the profession that should be carried on with tired mindset.  Have a break, get refreshed and if time permits, have another session to complete your work.   Before moving further, have a reading of the entire article written until the time. This will help you a lot in conceptualization.

Manage the length of your content
In case, the subject you have chosen is not able to describe in 300 words, make it longer.  But keep in mind that bulleted points or subheads should be there.

Target audience
In case you are writing your article for sports; ensure that sports lovers and sportspersons will also be your target audience.  Manage the tone of your contents accordingly.  Likewise, if your writing is for students, use more polite and disciplined language.

Trust only reliable sources for research
It is obvious that everybody doesn’t know everything.  You should get the ideas or contents from reliable sources only.  If you have an encyclopedia, it is better.  Offline help can make the structure of your article stronger, while online support will update it.  Get both and see the results.

Keep plagiarism checked
If your content is showing 5-8% plagiarism, don’t worry.  If somebody has written “USA”, you will also use the same word.  Likewise, in universal truths, you can’t change the facts.  So be careful towards your main contents and their flow.

Final proofreading
A proven method to test your article is that to handover it to any friend.  Many often, you read your article but can’t find any mistake. Proofreading is one of the best tools to stand in the online writing industry.

Article writing is not only a part of the profession, it is added responsibility too.  You are not only writing for fun, you have something to show to rest of the world.  Ensure, the subject is genuine, contents are original, no consecutive words are involved, and contents are concise & unique.  Your readers will wait for your contents.  With every published article, you get experience.  Now, this is your time to exhibit your experience in your writing.  Make an aim and go ahead!!!



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